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Black Rose Wars Apocalypse

Black Rose Wars Apocalypse


Apocalypse reached the Lodge! The Four Horsemen have arrived at the lodge to carry out the sinister plan of the Black Rose. Will you be able to defeat them and learn 4 new Schools of Magic?


This legendary expansion will bring apocalyptic fights into the Lodge! It includes rules for the constructed game mode, a totally new way to play Black Rose Wars, perfect for more strategic games and tournaments. In addition, the Four Horsemen can be used as 4 new Custom Mages or Forgotten Evocations, and you can add 4 new Schools of Magic to your Library!


This apocalyptic expansion contains:

1x Bellum Horseman miniature (60-75mm)

1x Mortem Horseman miniature (60-75mm)

1x Fames Horseman miniature (60-75mm)

1x Pestilentia Horseman miniature (60-75mm)

10x Plague Rats miniatures

4x Mage Cards

4x New Schools of Magic

1x Custom Mage Card Pad

4x Forgotten Spell cards

50x Tournament sleeves.

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