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Black Rose Wars Ashes Spiel'21 Special Issue

Black Rose Wars Ashes Spiel'21 Special Issue


Welcome to a new special issue of our Ashes magazine, with a full playable Black Rose Wars minigame and a cool promo resin miniature: Baby Cthully!


One piece of content that will delight all of you is “The Rose Duel” minigame! Inside the magazine you will find all the “cut & play” printed material, to play a special two-player version of BRW Rebirth! Arianna and Rikkart will compete in a reduced version of the Lodge, always using the rules of Rebirth. A perfect way to pass the time in the months that separate us from delivery, you can have fun trying the new mechanics, one of the new schools (Agony), and become familiar with the game. You can also use it to introduce your “skeptical” friends to the world of Black Rose Wars!


In this special issue, you will also find articles dedicated to the ongoing projects of Ludus Magnus Studio, two previews on our projects for 2022, and a point on the distribution of our games around the world thanks to the agreements we are entering into with many large publishers who will contribute to increasing the quality of our products and, over time, to spread our games all over the world!


But the surprises don’t stop there! To celebrate the return of the board game fairs after last year’s stop, you will find Baby Cthully attached to the magazine! This “tender” mascot of our Essen Spiel 2021 booth, vaguely inspired by ancient and forgotten myths, is a new Promo Forgotten Evocation. Comes with his Forgotten Spell and Evocation card, and a fantastic resin miniature! Of course, Baby Cthully can also be used in both BRW and Rebirth!


PLEASE NOTE: the Baby Cthully is a resin model, it will come in 2 parts (model plus base). The model needs to be glued (using any cyanoacrylate glue).

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