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ฺBlack Rose Wars Dread Forge - Epic Avatar expansion

ฺBlack Rose Wars Dread Forge - Epic Avatar expansion


The Lodge Forge has been rekindled and an ancient threat has been awakened. A new opponent is making his way through the ravaged rooms of the Lodge, and a hell of magma and flames is about to break loose!


This rich expansion adds Magma, a huge new Avatar, The new cyclopic Mage Etna, and the new Forge School of Magic to your games!


Expansion contents:

1x Magma Avatar miniature (85mm !!!)

1x Etna miniature (54mm)

5x Pupae Evocations

1x Forge School of Magic (36 cards)

3x Etna Personal Spell cars

6x Evocation cards

1x Forgotten Spell card

1x Equipment card

9x Upgrade card

30x Avatar cards

1x Mage card

1x Forge Room tile

1x "Eruption" Legendary Scenario


This expansion can also be played in Nova Aetas Renaissance, using this game material:

1x Prey card

16x Prey Action cards

1x Enemy card

3x Equipment cards

1x Mission card

3x Reagent cards

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