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Black Rose Wars Gaea Reborn - Epic Avatar expansion

Black Rose Wars Gaea Reborn - Epic Avatar expansion


Gaea, the guardian of nature has decided to end the Mages' mad wars for control of the Black Rose power. Mother earth suffers from the reckless use of this power, and Gaea will unleash her fury to ensure that the Lodge will be never rebuilt!


This rich expansion contains Gaea, a huge new Titan (130mm !!!), her prophetess Talia, a new Mage, and a new School of Magic: Geomancy, and a lot of new game material:


1x Gaea Avatar miniatures (130mm)

1x Talia Mage miniature (40mm)

1x Geomancy School of Magic (36 cards)

1x Mage card

3x Talia Personal Spell cards

1x Avatar Card

30x Command cards

4x new Rooms tiles

15x new Event cards

15x Gaea Quests & Events cards


Gaea and Talia can also be played in Nova Aetas Renaissance with this game material:

1x Prey card

16x Prey Action cards

1x Enemy card

3x Equipment cards

1x Mission card

3x Reagent cards

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