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Black Rose Wars Gamers Bundle

Black Rose Wars Gamers Bundle


The ultimate bundle for BRW:R passionate gamers!

ข้อแตกต่างคือไม่มีนิยาย ตัว Collector จะเป็นมีนิยายเพิ่มเข้าไป กับกล่อง exclusive ภายในจะมีนิยาย และ Irene the Wanderer

It includes:

- Deadly Masks

- Apocalypse

- Gaea Reborn

- Dread Forge

- Irene the Wanderer (MULTILANGUAGE)

With this bundle, you get the "Dread Forge" expansion for free.

NOTE: this bundle does not include "Seal of Fire" Expansion, because this expansion has been created after the Kickstarter Campaign. If you want to have ALL expansions choose this bundle and add "Seal of Fire" Expansion.

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