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El Grande Big Box

El Grande Big Box

฿4,000.00 ราคาปกติ

Spain in the late Middle Ages. The King and his domain are secure, but the high nobility, known as the Grandes, wish to expand their influence. As one of these Grandes, send your loyal Caballeros to strengthen your position throughout the country. The El Grande Box invites you to dive into this world and experience everything this classic game has to offer. Containing the El Grande base game, every previously released expansion, and the special Anniversary expansion created to celebrate the game’s twentieth anniversary, the Big Box offers the definitive El Grande experience. Whether you play with none of the expansions or incorporate them however you like, your actions are sure to shape Spain for centuries to come.



Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich.

Contents: Rulebook.

1 Game Board (front side).

5 Grandes (in 5 colors).

150 Caballeros (in 5 colors).

5 Scoring Markers (in 5 colors).

5 Secret Discs with Rotating Hands.

1 Round Marker.

65 Power Cards.

45 Action Cards.

9 Region Cards.

2 Mobile Scoreboards.

King 1 Start Player Marker.

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