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SKU: ATR0101
฿2,000.00 ราคาปกติ

The Earth has dried out and civilization with it. Some of the survivors have managed to survive on the Saltlands: plains left behind by a once great ocean. Adapting to their environment, they use landsails on these flats. But the Apocalypse is not done with the Saltlands: from the west a storm of raiders, a terrifying Horde on gas-guzzling machines approaches in search of their lost God.

What will you, the more peaceful people of the Saltlands, do? Will you fight, risking death, rather than becoming slaves to the Horde? Only those among the first to escape have a chance...Who is going to find a way out of this salty wasteland?

- Play as 1 of 6 unique characters from the Oil, Water, and Soil Colonies.
- Flee from 6 types of invading raiders in the desert that can surprise you at any moment.
- Use landsails or choose a motorized vehicle to traverse across 3 terrain types and tactically utilize 25 weapons and items.
- Save survivors, build a crew, and mange your cargo to stay versatile!
- Explore wreckages, collect victory items, and investigate rumors in hopes of escape.
- Tactical gameplay featuring Cooperative, Classic (partnership), and Competetive game modes with 3 levels of difficulty.

13 Terrain Tiles
36 Plastic Miniatures
107 Item Cards
6 Raider Info Cards
6 Character Cards
6 Character Standees
6 Player Mats
48 Damage Cards
9 Rumor Cards
10 Weather Cards
51 Tokens
3 Rumor Markers
1 Wind Tile
1 Rulebook
1 Raider Bag

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-6
Game Length: 120 minutes

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