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Silicone molds - Concrete Bricks

Silicone molds - Concrete Bricks


Silicone molds - Concrete Bricks

Made of high quality foodgrade silicone, easy to use and intricately cut for great impressions, these molds are heat resistant and durable. The molds are extra deep to give highly detailed beautiful results for both dimensional design and surface imprinting. Each mold has a large surface area measuring 6x12cm, and is unmounted for optimal usability. The molds work great with any sort of resin.

These flexible molds will allow you to create endless amounts of concrete brick valid for 1:35 (1:32-1:43).

Heat resistant rubber up to 240ºC

Food-grade and Resin-Grade

We recommend using liquid Resins. Other putties such as milliput, milliput mixed with plasteline, magic sculpt or similars may also work, but because of the depth of the bricks in the pattern, they will need a bit of help when filling them in.

We recommend using SCRAPERS  to remove the excess of putty/clay from the molds without cutting them.

Contains 1 molds with 2 brick types as follows:
7x13 mm  
10x20 mm

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